Are Nootropics Safe?

There is a big ongoing debate about the safety of nootropics. Are nootropics really safe?

According to experts, nootropics are one of the safest compounds available on the market. They are a mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other compounds (read more about nootropics).

Yet, there is a lack of scientific research therefore, we cannot be 100% sure about the safety of all ingredients.

The other issue is that the recommended daily doses have not yet been established for most compounds which hopefully will change in the future.

Our research shows most people experience no negative side effects when taking nootropics, but that’s not the rule.

The potential side effects that could happen are the following:


Caused by overdosing.


Usually caused by synaptic over-excitement, but it could be related to overdosing as well.


If you take certain nootropics too late in the evening, insomnia might happen.


It happens rarely, but it could happen.


Other side effects can include depression, restlessness, and changes in mood. These may depend on the individual nootropic taken. Rarer cases still can include skin irritation and rash.

In order to avoid any potential side effects, I do recommend reading the guidelines and following the recommended daily nootropic dose.

That’s how you can avoid all potential side effects.

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